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5 Reasons Advisors Need to Rethink Impact Investing – Facets of portfolio management often parallel sports—and scuba diving is a good example. Both involve taking calculated risks, demand passion and commitment, and require taking personal responsibility for a successful outcome. Doing both of them well also requires a set of tools and, even more important, knowing how to use them. 

Divers depend on an oxygen regulator and a gauge to measure the water’s depth and tell them how long they can stay submerged. They must stay calm when diving in deep water, rather than resurface too quickly—their lives can depend on it. 

Like divers, the best portfolio managers are passionate about their craft, demonstrate commitment, use the right tools to build a portfolio and take responsibility for a successful outcome. They also remain calm when markets are roiling, rather than head for the sidelines in the midst of turbulence. 

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