Analyst Insights Quarterly Update: Fourth Quarter 2016

Many markets closed out 2016 with positive returns, but will the momentum continue? Moving into 2017 we expect investors to focus their concerns on policy changes by the new Trump administration, additional rate hikes, earnings and valuations, and the potential for further disintegration of the European Union.

In this recorded presentation, Envestnet | PMC investment analysts provide a recap of fourth quarter market performance, trends and themes, and near-term outlook and positioning.

Topics include:

  • Developed International, Emerging Markets
    by Eric Halverson, Investment Analyst
  • Domestic Equity and MLPs/REITs/Commodities
    by Michael Manning, CFA, Investment Analyst
  • Global Fixed Income
    by Michael Wedekind, Investment Analyst

View the presentation.

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Michael Wedekind, CFA
Senior Investment Analyst – Fixed Income Research
Michael P. Manning, CFA
Senior Investment Analyst – Equity Research
Eric Halverson, CFA
Senior Investment Analyst – Fixed Income Research

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