Near-Term Asset Allocation and Global Macro Outlook - January 2017

Each quarter PMC’s Global Macro Committee evaluates market trends and considers where to best position client’s portfolios relative to baseline asset allocation weights. The team considers a variety of economic, valuation, and market signposts and bases their views on a six-month time horizon.

Download the full January 2017 report.

PMC Global Macro Team:

  • Brandon Thomas, Chief Investment Officer
  • Zachary Karabell, Consultant, Global Head of Strategies
  • Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist
  • Frank Wei, CFA, CAIA, VP, Senior Investment Analyst
  • Ken Shaw, CFA, SVP, Senior Investment Analyst
  • Don Frerichs, CFA, SVP, Director Portfolio Management
  • Janis Zvingelis, PhD, CFA, SVP, Director of Quantitative Research

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